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¿Cómo elijo mi protección solar?

The sunscreen you use depends on your phototype, but also on the environment and the sun conditions of where you are. For example, the sun is more intense at high altitudes. So for example when you are on the ski slopes, you need a higher protection. The same applies in the tropics, where the ultraviolet rays are stronger. Take care, too, when you're involved in activities like sailing or windsurfing. The breeze will make your skin feel cool, meaning you are perhaps less aware of when the UV starts to burn. Moderate exposure High exposure Extreme exposure Skin that is extremely sensitive to the sun HIGH 30-40-50 VERY HIGH 50+ VERY HIGH 50+ Skin that is sensitive to the sun MEDIUM 15-20-25 HIGH 30-40-50 VERY HIGH 50+ Intermediate skin LOW 6-8-10 MEDIUM 15-20-25 HIGH 30-40-50 Fairly resistant skin LOW 6-8-10 LOW 6-8-10 MEDIUM 15-20-25 * Skin that is extremely sensitive to the sun: milky white skin, freckles, red hair, always getting sunburnt. * Skin that is sensitive to the sun: fair skin, maybe some freckles and/or strawberry blond or auburn hair, often getting sunburnt but might also get a nice tan. * Intermediate skin: fair skin that tans fairly easily, doesn't get sunburnt unless intensively exposed. * Fairly resistant skin: olive skin that tans easily and never gets sunburnt

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