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¿Qué es un fototipo?

Phototypes are used to classify your skin's sensitivity to the sun, in other words, the way your skin reacts to the sun’s rays. There are 5 phototypes, determined according to skin type and hair colour. If you have red hair and very fair skin, you are. * Phototype I: take care - your skin tends to burn rather than tan. If you are Phototype IV or V, you tan easily; you probably have black hair and a dark complexion. The 5 phototypes and their characteristics: find out more. o Phototype I: Always burns, never tans. You need a very high degree of sun protection. o Phototype II: Always burns, tans minimally. You also need a high degree of sun protection. o Phototype III: Burns moderately, tans gradually. You need moderate protection. o Phototype IV: Burns minimally, tans well. You need moderate or low protection. o Phototype V : Rarely burns, tans profusely. You can use low sun protection.

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