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¿Por qué utilizar un cuidado específico para el contorno de los ojos?

Fine and fragile, and constantly at work, the skin around the eyes has certain specific features that justify the use of specific products. They will help you to stay bright-eyed and reduce the look of dark rings that cast a shadow over your face. Around the eyes: take care, it is a fragile zone: find out more. In the first place, the skin around the eyes is finer (around one-third the thickness of the rest of the facial skin), low in sebaceous glands and practically without any protective hydrolipidic film. This makes it very vulnerable to external stresses, drying and the first signs of aging. The dermis here is also very fine, with elastin and collagen fibres forming a less dense network. Secondly, the skin around the eyes is permanently subject to a great deal of movement and tension: blinking (10,000 times a day!), changes of expression (laughter, crying, screwing up the eyes), rubbing, etc. The result? The skin here is less resistant and is the first place to get lines and wrinkles, with the skin tissue progressively growing slack and flaccid.

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