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¿Qué es el Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton™?

Having first appeared on Earth some three million years ago, thermal plankton - a type of microflora - lives in the sulphurous thermal springs of the mountains, rich in minerals. Biotherm biologists discovered over fifty years ago its affinity with skin and just how efficient it was. They therefore decided to create the first ever range of thermal plankton cosmetic care products and succeeded, after twenty years of research and development, in isolating it and reproducing it in a concentrated form: Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton™.

The Biotherm labs have been able to demonstrate that Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton™, in bio-affinity with the skin, carries some unique properties. Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton™ instantly soothes the skin. A concentrated source of vitality and rejuvenation for the skin, it leaves skin feeling and looking soft, smooth and radiant.

Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton™ is at the heart of Biotherm's innovation and expertise. It is a powerful activator, soothing the skin, and reinforcing its natural defences against aging. Today, Biotherm is still the only brand able to boast the use of this ingredient in its cosmetic care products.

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