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Los puntos negros son uno de los problemas más comunes de la piel y, muchas veces, también los más difíciles de solucionar de forma definitiva. Conocer bien cómo y por qué se producen es fundamental para acabar con ellos. Los puntos negros en la cara no son más que poros obstruidos por una cantidad excesiva de sebo mezclada con suciedad y células muertas. Ese exceso de sebo se oxida cuando entra en contacto con el aire, de ahí el característico color negro.
15 jul 2020

You may already be taking care of your skin and this is great, but it is also important to understand what causes its aging, to figure out how to help your skin embrace the aging process the best possible way, and how to complete your skincare routine in order to really benefit from it. Are you ready to discover Life Plankton™ Elixir’s renewing power in just 8 days?


There are several factors that cause skin aging. UV radiation, smoking and pollution are among the main factors that have been proven to induce skin aging. Furthermore, other elements such as nutrition, stress and sleep deprivation can also contribute to skin aging in their respective way. It is a secret for no one, most of us living an urban life are particularly exposed to these stressors that can damage our skin. In addition, the skin fights oxidative stress – an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body, which can lead to cell and tissue damage. Being daily under attack, the skin channels all its energy into defense instead of maintaining its renewal. Over time, skin quality is visibly altered as ageing accelerates and redness, loss of firmness and wrinkles appear.

It's a secret for no one, most of us living an urban life are particularly exposed to stressors that can damage our skin.

Of course, general measures such as avoiding smoking, indoor tanning, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, limited alcohol intake, and enough sleep are a must for slowing down the aging process. But you can also help your skin with the right beauty routine, and this is when Life Plankton™ Elixir comes into play.


Life Plankton™ is a unique natural ingredient exclusive only to Biotherm and is known for its miraculous healing powers. Following years of research, Biotherm found that no matter what skincare products we apply, the skin will be unable to benefit from them unless it is first restored to its optimal state of regeneration. This is why Life Plankton™ Elixir is so fundamental : it provides you with a solution to renew your skin and help it to face daily aggressions by harnessing Life Plankton™’s miraculous power.

Infused with 5 % of Life Plankton™ at its highest concentration, this iconic serum intensely heals all skin types and contributes to transforming the skin in 3 essential ways: it protects, reinforces and regenerates the skin. In addition, Life Plankton™ Elixir also has the power to prevent premature aging. This serum boosts the skin’s firmness, smoothens and reduces wrinkles.


Created to be a fundamental first step in any skincare routine, Life Plankton™ Elixir visibly improves the quality of your skin. Used after cleansing and toning, this non-sticky, one of a kind serum is rapidly absorbed by the skin. In addition to the healing Life Plankton™, this refreshing serum also contains molecular Hyaluronic Acid (a substance that helps your cells retain as much moisture as possible) so that your skin appears hydrated, plump and healthy, as well as fragmented Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates into the skin, restoring its firmness and youthful vitality. From just 8 days, the complexion visibly looks younger: it is renewed, revitalized and more resilient to damage. Day after day, skin is strengthened, it appears healthier and feels smoother. Furthermore, wrinkles are reduced and the overall appearance of the skin seems improved.


Life Plankton™ Elixir empowers the skin with the full ability to renew itself from the inside out, allowing for a newborn skin to be visible from the first 8 days with results that only get better over time. While the use of a serum is essential to heal your skin, you should also think about your eye contour. Indeed, the eye area is a delicate part of your face and should not be overlooked.

To protect it, we recommend Life Plankton™ Eye, a light and creamy gel that intensely hydrates and nourishes your eye contour while also fighting eye bags and dark circles. Day after day, the eye area appears softer, brighter and looks younger. Using a mask can also be a good solution to help skin renewing. Made from a unique biodegradable organic cotton, Life Plankton™ Essence-in-mask Facial Sheet Mask releases a high amount of facial essence into the skin to infuse it with the regenerating power of Life Plankton™. Used twice a week, this healing mask helps to regenerate, soften and make your skin look suppler and healthier. Time to embrace the ultimate skin transformation!

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